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Controlling water ingress through leaking joints within a concrete stormwater chamber


In this case study, Oxford Hydrotechnics use advanced resin injection leak sealing techniques, to control significant water ingress that was emerging within a concrete stormwater chamber, placing the structure under additional stress.


The Problem


Oxford Hydrotechnics were approached by Willow Pumps Ltd to propose a solution to significant water ingress caused by a defective joint around an inlet pipe.

Additional leaks were noted through the chamber rings as a result of spalled concrete.


The leaks resulted in the ingress of unwanted groundwater into the chamber, adding to the processing workload of the station and risking erosion and washout through the leaking defects. Ongoing exposure to such conditions could pose a risk to the structure if left untreated.

The Solution


Oxford Hydrotechnics engineers proposed an advanced resin injection solution to seal the joints and defects in the location.

Advanced polyurethanes work by reacting on contact with water to form a lightweight, closed cell foam. 


In this instance, holes were drilled to intercept the leaking flow paths around the joints and chamber rings, and Oxford Hydrotechnics’ lightweight P500 resin, which was chosen due to its superior leak sealing qualities, was injected. As the resin is injected, it is carried with the leak water, throughout the defects, before gently expanding into a flexible foam.


The flexibility of the cured resin retains the added advantage of being able to withstand the natural movement and vibration of the structure over time.

The Results


H2OX operatives completed the works within two shifts, sealing the leaks in the location against further water ingress. 


Heavy rains subjected the completed works to substantial testing, shortly after installation, however, the original leak locations remained dry and to the satisfaction of the client. 



The view from the client


Following succesful completion at the site, Oxford Hydrotechnics received yet another excellent appraisal of their work.


“Very good service and professional staff. Good job!”


                 - Tony Anscombe, Willow Pumps


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