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Repairs to delaminated steel formwork in a car park following a fire

Delaminated Steel Formwork Project Case Study


Resin injection used to fill voids caused by a car fire in an underground carpark.



The Problem


Following a car fire within an underground car park, resulting in delamination of the permanent steel soffit formwork from the first floor concrete deck infill, H2OX were called in by specialist concrete repair company Makers UK Ltd, to come up with a grouting solution to fill the voids.


The Solution


Despite the main client’s engineer advising a cementitious solution, H2OX Engineers acknowledged that in order to ensure complete void filling when dealing with voids from 10mm tapering down to 0mm, a resin injection option would be required. Due to the liquid nature of the resin, this solution would allow for permeation into some of the smaller voids and would thus provide a more sufficient end product.
H2OX used a multi-port two component epoxy injection pump and injected almost 800kg of low viscosity 2:1 ratio epoxy resin into approximately 400m2 of soffit.
Subsequent hammer testing by the client proved that the void filling had been successful and that the structural integrity of the car park had been restored.



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